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Today, the present speed of fast fashion has accelerated and is now a global market that entices consumers with its cheap clothing and endless ‘must have’ collections. Shopping for new clothes used to be a occasional occurrence during the new seasons but recently the fashion industry has seen a change. the supply chains have drastically sped up and the high street has more collections released each month than there was annually.  Now, retailers are releasing around 52 different collections a year, which has resulted in clothing being appreciated less, with people no longer valuing their clothing due to the items being poorly made, cheap and easily assessable.

“Globally, we’re producing over 100 billion new garments from new fibres every single year, and the planet cannot sustain that” - Lucy Siegle

Taking your time to shop, looking through various shops and clothes until you find that unique piece that you love! Learning about where your clothing comes from and who it was made by is important, this will help you value and take pride in your clothing. Shopping this way also benefits the environment by ensuring these clothes don’t end up in landfill in developing countries. Also, in time, the speed of fast fashion should start to decrease due to less demand.

benefits of shopping sustainably

- Supporting charities 

- Appreciation for clothing 

- Reduces clothing ending up in landfill

- Not supporting fast fashion retailers

- Finding unique pieces

- Helping to save the environment